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Sley Hooks and Sley Wires

There are many methods for sleying the reed and here’s little hand tools offered by Hokett Would Work for this purpose.

The top photo shows the traditional sley hook, made out of hand cut solid brass in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate average to very fine reeds. This tool is also available from Hokett Would Work in copper!

Sley Hooks - 2

The lower photo shows my sley wires, which have proven to be very popular.

Sley Wire 2

Here’s another view of my sley wires showing a very wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Each handle is hand turned and hand finished with a spring wire loop about 2 1/2″ long. The sley wire tool has an overall length of about 4 1/2″ and is very comfortable in the hand when sleying your reed.

This tool is inspired by Barb Gallagher of “A Weaver’s Loft” in Guilford, IN.

Sley Wire 1

For further information about my sley hooks and sley wires, please click on CONTACT Hokett Would Work, above.


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