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Nottle Lids - Crochet  Hook 6

So what are “Nottles”? They are needle bottles…two words that were blended into one!

Some “Nottles” are quite small…..and some are quite tall!

Nottles 1

Nottles - Crochet Hook 5

These nottles are made especially to hold crochet hooks! Nottles - Crochet Hook 4

They are works of art. They can hold your rings, your crochet hooks, your knitting needles, your little treasures or your needles. They each are unique and one-of-a-kind and have formed in their own way…. each telling the maker’s hand what they will be…

Nottles 2

They come in every mixture of woods that you can imagine. These little gems are also known as “ETUIs”. They are lathe turned with in interior opening measurement of 1 1/4″ in diameter. All container have hand-turned exotic wood cork-stoppered lids.

For further details about “Nottles”, click CONTACT Hokett Would Work, seen above.


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