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Benches by Hokett Would Work

I work with such a wide variety of woods, both foreign and domestic, that no two pieces are really ever the same. So it is true of my benches.


I create a never-ending variety of these popular benches by combining woods for the top, the stretchers, the skirts and the legs. The height of a bench can vary upon request, as well as the length and width and I use this bench design to make a much lower little Threading Stool. The elements in common with all my benches are the rounded corners of the top and the hand hold in the top center which makes it easy to move these benches with one hand, if desired. Some people even use this handy bench as a side table, easily moving it around as needed.




These photos above show some of my work to convey variety and possibilities, but doesn’t guarantee that these particular pieces are still available.

Please see “CONTACT Hokett Would Work HERE”for further details.


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