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Hokett Would Work Hand Looms

Copy of Hand Looms - Reg & Tiny

Hokett Would Work Hand Looms

These beloved little hand looms are great for sampling and making small tapestries. The slot sett is currently at 6 ends per inch, with some of my older stock set at 8 ends per inch until they are all sold and gone.

I currently produce 3 sizes of Hokett Would Work Hand Looms:

~ The Original, the first model and the most popular, measures about 7″ wide and 8″ long. The weaving area is 6″ X 6 1/4″. The looms are made from a variety of domestic and/or exotic woods, with Ebony at a higher price.

~ The Tiny, the smallest of my Hand Loom, measures about 4″ wide and 6″ long and the weaving area is 3″ X 5″. These little looms are made from a variety of domestic and/or exotic woods, with Ebony at a higher price.

~ The Intermediate, the largest of the my Hand Looms, measures about 9″ wide and 10″ tall with a weaving area of 8″ X 8 1/4″. This loom is made of Cocobolo wood unless otherwise ordered.

Copy of Cats Tapestry

I have other sizes sizes available, limited to stock on hand.

Hand Looms & Tools 4

Above can be seen the many tiny tools I make for working with the Hokett Would Work Hand Looms. These tools can be bought separately.
Go to “CONTACT HOKETT WOULD WORK” in this blog to email me and get my current price list on these looms and tools.


19 thoughts on “Hokett Would Work Hand Looms

    • Thanks for using the looms. I did start making them in 6 dent due to my physical limitations. I don’t regularly make the large looms anymore though I do look at special orders. My shop activity is still zero for several more weeks due to recovery from my shoulder surgery. Standard post would be about $10 depending on weight.

  1. Oh ok…and gosh I do hope you are feeling better. Woolery has the large one 9×10. I can get it there…no worries. This looks to be the perfect size for what I want to do.

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    • Catherine
      Yes, I do have a pretty good stock of 8-dent looms in the Tiny, Original, and Intermediate looms in Bird’s Eye Maple and exotics. I’ve emailed you my price list. Thanks for the interest in my work!

  3. Please send me pricing for your 9 x 10 loom plus everything needed to weave with it, including shipping to 66503. Thank you so much!

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